Linear Systems

MAE 280A

Fall 2014


Mauricio de Oliveira, first name at ucsd dot edu


Tuesday, Thursday 15:30-16:50,
WLH 2207

Teaching Assistant

David Mateos-Nunez, d mateos n at ucsd dot edu

Homework Sessions

Tuesday, 14:00-15:00,
EBU II 105

Office Hours

You can make an appointment with me or David by email if you need extra help.

Print Resources

We will have no required textbook.

Here are some books I like on the subject:

  1. Thomas Kailath, Linear Systems, Prentice Hall, 1980
  2. Robert E. Skelton, Dynamics Systems Control: linear systems analysis and synthesis, John Wiley & Sons, 1988
  3. João P. Hespanha, Linear Systems Theory, Princeton Press, 2009

Online Resources

You might find interesting information on the lecture notes that you can download below.

The Linear Systems chapter of the book Numerical Renaissance from Prof. Thomas Bewley is a good but sometime too compact reference. You can download the latest and greatest version of Tom's book from here.

For an undergraduate perspective of state-space models you can take a look at Chapter 5 of my undergraduate controls book that you can download here.

Bob Bitmead put together some notes on the subject that you can find here.


Your final grade will be the arithmetic average of Midterm and Final exams.


Homework will be assigned but not be graded. David will review homework on his Tuesday session.

Some Old Lecture Notes

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For my MAE 280 B notes click here.