Linear Control Design

MAE 280B

Winter 2019


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Homework will be posted weekly at Triton Ed.
Solutions should be submitted electronically in PDF by the due date posted.
Shortly after the submission deadline, the solution key will be posted on Triton Ed with a point breakdown for each question.
Grade your submission against the solutions and upload an annotated PDF by the posted due date.
A random sample of the submissions will be audited to ensure your grading is fair and accurate.
Following the grade audit, your grade will be available to view on Triton Ed.
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Lecture Notes

The pdf lecture notes are accompanied by Matlab and Mathematica demos.

You will need to download NCAlgebra to run some of the Mathematica demos. This is a package that will allow you to manipulate non-commutative expressions (e.g. block-matrix products) in Mathematica. It will also come with a Semidefinite Program Solver that you can use to compute the solution to the optimization problems in this class.

If you're using Matlab, you will need to download a Semidefinite Program Solver. See links below.

  1. Controllability & Observability
    mathematica files satelite.nb
  2. Linear Quadratic Control
  3. LQR with Noisy Input
    matlab files sat1.m sat2.m
    mathematica files sat12.nb
  4. Optimal State Estimation
    matlab files sat3.m inertia1.m inertia2.m
    mathematica files sat3.nb inertia.nb
  5. Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control
    matlab files sat4.m
    mathematica files sat4.nb
  6. Linear Matrix Inequalities
  7. Stability
  8. A First Glimpse on Design with LMIs
    matlab files sat5.m badlmi.m
    mathematica files sat5.nb
  9. The LQR Problem Revisited
    matlab files sat6.m sat7.m
    mathematica files sat6.nb sat7.nb
  10. Non-Classic State Feedback Control Design
    matlab files sat8.m sat9.m
    mathematica files sat8.nb sat9.nb
  11. Output Feedback Control
  12. LQG with Multiple Objectives
    matlab files sat10.m
  13. Bibliography


For my MAE 280 A notes click here.