MAE 9 - C/C++ Programming - Fall 2010



Office Hours

You can also make an appointment with me by email.



Lab Hours

We have reserved Galbraith CLICS-263 from 18:00 to 21:00 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tutors are available as scheduled:

Text Book

H. Murakami, Introduction to C Programming for Engineers and Scientists, UCSD A.S. Soft Reserves.

Course Work


Homework will be assigned at 09:00 every Tuesday, starting on September 28. The homework turnin will be due the following Tuesday at 21:00.


Quizzes will be assigned at 09:00 every second Tuesday, starting on October 5. The quiz turnin will be at 21:00 next day.

Final Project

Final project will be assigned on Sunday, Nov 28, and will be due Friday, December 3 at 21:00.

Final Exam

Thursday, December 9, 15:00-17:00 (Location TBA)


Course Policy

Turn-in all your work electronically by using the turnin command.

Your programs will be evaluated by using an ANSI C compiler.

No collaboration (exchange of information or files) is permitted on quizzes and final project. Any observed collaboration on these exams will be reported to the university authorities, which may result in severe consequences on your student status.

Collaboration during homework is permitted and encouraged, with full participation of all students in the study group.

Working with others on homework assignments is a good way to learn the material and is encouraged. Working together to find a good approach for solving a programming problem is healthy cooperation. However, any work that you submit must be your own work. Copying someone else's work is cheating. Keep in mind that we shall not distinguish between someone who copies somebody else's work and someone who allows their work to be copied.

Violators of the above rule will be given zero points for the assignment involved.

If you have any questions about what constitutes cheating, please ask.

Accessing your account

You will need to have access to your account at in order to access course material and turn in all your homework, quizzes, project and final exam.

Follow this link for detailed instructions.

Lecture Notes

The following set of notes can be used to complement the textbook. Note that some of the material in the textbook may be covered in a different order in the notes. These notes are based in part on material kindly provided to me by Prof. Vlado Lubarda.
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